Build Strong IT Team

Establish engaged IT team and tackle complexity of modern software development. Control introducing changes and lower risks, no matter the scale of your software. Stable growth in the world of ever-changing requirements.

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Master code changes flow

  • Keep in The Flow and boost your productivity
  • Gain control over your working directory and handle complex tasks steadily
  • Be aware of what's happening, what to do next and reduce the number of mistakes
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Docker, Pipelines

Accelerate build routines

  • Enhance teamwork and tackle short deadlines
  • Automate boring tasks and focus on interesting, creative work
  • Optimize your workflow and implement new features faster
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Docker, Pipelines

Deploy without effort

  • Continuously improve processes and speed up time to market
  • Keep your infrastructure well-organized and reduce failures
  • Shorten feedback loop and focus on shipping value
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We are Software Developers yet our passion goes beyond writing code.

We train IT specialists since 2018, with focus on key skills, necessary to build engaged teams, equipped with everything needed for working effectively.

After every training we send surveys, to always keep improving our work. So far 87% of attendees gave us the highest ratings, but we keep this number growing every year!

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What our attendees say

87% of attendees gave us the highest ratings!

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