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We are Software Developers yet our passion goes beyond writing code.

We train IT specialists since 2018, with focus on key skills, necessary to build engaged teams, equipped with everything needed for working effectively.

After every training we send surveys, to always keep improving our work. So far 87% of attendees gave us the highest ratings, but we keep this number growing every year!

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Our Team

Tom Skraskowski

A programming enthusiast, he has spent 3 years with C++ and the last 7 years mostly with C#.

Passionate about software development processes leading to high quality, maintainable products.

In his spare time, he writes for the SoftwareDeveloper.Blog because he likes to share knowledge with others.

Chris Morcinek
Our Team

Chris Morcinek

Passionate about programming, spent 10 years with .NET platform and last 3 years with JAVA.

Likes to write code that is stable, compliant with all best practices (whatever they are, sometimes you need to be able to weigh the advantages of different solutions). He highly values simplicity and clarity.

He also enjoys teaching, which is why he became IT trainer.

Chris Morcinek

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87% of attendees gave us the highest ratings!

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