<i>Git Introduction</i> Training

Git Introduction Training

Familiarize your team with Git

Every software developer uses Git, yet it's not so common across Testers, Ops, SysAdmins, Security Specialists and other IT people. And it's huge waste because Git can be used to automate many manual work and to control what changes are introduced into systems. It saves time and reduces mistakes.

Our goal is to make everyone in IT enhance work with Git every day.

Training topics

During the training we cover everything you need to learn and practice at the beginning of The Git Journey, such as:

  • Why is Git making such a splash, what is so groundbreaking that it brings to our work?
  • Git philosophy and the most important concepts
  • Basic operations
  • Working on branches
  • How to undo what we done
  • How to properly synchronize our work
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Reviewing history
  • Configuration basics
  • Various approaches to repository management

Information can be written down and shared over the internet, but it takes something more to turn it into knowledge. Over the years we managed to prepare training with this subtle something more. Each topic is explained in an understandable way, and each trainee has the ability to acquire knowledge during practical exercises, with trainer helping hand.

After training you have access to mentors private slack and you always can (and should!) ask us questions during daily work.

Are you a tester?

Manual and automated tests scenarios are not less valuable than source code, and should be taken care of and versioned the same way.

Are you ops or sys admin?

Git fits ssh like a glove. After establishing ssh session first thing which should be done is checking git status and git log of configuration files, or even more - those files should be in central repository in a Infrastructure as Code way.

Are you a security specialist?

Use Git to coordinate your activities, improve control over your procedures and tools. And remember that Git is The Source of Truth, not only about source code.

What if team leader has doubts?

Send us a contact to him, if he agrees, we will be happy to call and answer any questions.

Try to make him realize that a strong team is a team that is constantly developing, and as a result works more efficiently and is more motivated to work. 💪

If budget is behind the decision, it is worth remembering that understanding Git and learning the strategies for different daily situations is not only more pleasant work, but also real time saved. Looking at salaries in IT it is cheaper to train an employee. 💰

In addition, training boosts team morale and sometimes saves a lot of stress (for the whole company) when skills help avoid fackups. 💢

Moreover, when you immediately know what to do in a given situation, you don't get knocked out of the flow of work, which also translates into quality and speed of work. 📈

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